Monday, March 5, 2007

Arthur Rubbish Company

Utter Rubbish
To be at the top of an organization is a dream to chase for.Everyone believes achieving it make them a special class of people of very high status among members of the elite.Your first-class travel are paid, your stay in first-class hotels are paid and your eating at first-class restaurants are paid.You get invited to high profile functions with press conferences where you will be seen all over the world.You do not have to go shopping as you only need to tell your secretary or personal manager what you want.It means that everything you say, everybody down the heirarchy levels of an organization will carry out your instructions.Common people at the bottom of the heirarchy can only say that your money in your many bank accounts will never finish but will only keep multiplying; with bonuses including more shares, long service rewards and revised salary in-par with your duties or contributions.

The common people believed that they follow their hearts similarly like THE ONE that people can listen to HIS HEART telling what to do.So, it is their hearts saying that they only need to go to Arthur Rubbish Company when the Grand Draw prize is at least $10 millions, to get their lucky numbers prediction of their fortune to bet in the Toto.Then you will see them joining the long snaking queues of many other lucky people, at every lucky betting centres all over this tiny little red dot.Some waited for at least 3 hours to place their bets which is considered a lucky betting centre, as one lucky person among the queue said to the television reporter, which was shown to the world.If a real lucky one really put his heart to listen to other lucky ones' heart in the queue, he can hear these sentences being repeated:

" You never know GOD wants to give", "Who is so stupid not wanting to be rich"
"I have the lucky numbers in my hands to win millions"

These common people really have positive attitudes and confidence, even giving moral boosts to their friends with their big mouths and loud mouths, singing this mandarin music that children sing in the kindergarden:

"We come from this little red dot.....little red dot.....little red dot.
We come from this little red dot.....So proud we feel.
If today that I win.....then tomorrow that you win,
If today that you win.....then tomorrow that I win.
We all so very happy, monkey see monkey copy".

This is their rational, very pragmatic approach to life putting their best facial espressions of "Don't care, Dont think so much, Don't be bother, Nobody business"
How can you have the impression that you, a creature that GOD create out of nothing, telling GOD to give every lucky single person in the long snaking queues at every lucky betting centres to win their millions one after another, turn by turn?!!